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FranekW New Member
New Member

Connection to new WiFi

I need an advice on connection to Xerox 3320 PHASER/DNI to a new wifi network. I have Linux CentOS 7 installed. To configure the printer in this OS, e.g. using CUPS, first I need to have the printer connected to my local wireless network. I cannot figure out how to do it from the printer.


When I access menu, I have only few options in the Network submenu:

- Wireless ON/OFF


- IPv4 Static / Dynamic, etc.


I cannot figure out how I am supposed to choose available wireless networks, connect the printer to it, and provide a passphrase. There is WPS PBC / PIN options, though and my router has WPS button. However, nothing happens when I choose WPS PBC. The printer waitis for 2 minutes and report failure to connect! When I use WPS PIN the printer provide a PIN but I don't have options to enter PIN in the router! I could generate and enter the PIN FROM router but this is not how the printer works.


The printer seems to be compatible with WEP and WPA2-PSK.

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: Connection to new WiFi

It can't connect to WiFi if a LAN cable is plugged in, and you can't setup wireless without the App, which is Windows/Mac compatible, but not Linux, So you would need WINE to run it.

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efannell New Member
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Re: Connection to new WiFi

My phaser 6510 was connected.  Due to a rainstorm all of a sudden it disconnected itself and I had to reinstall it.  But now it is asking for the WPS pin and I don't have it.  What do I do?

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