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Re: Consumables "master list"

Hi Glycolized,

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Have you checked out this site -

Select your country and then your product. This will give you part numbers for Fusers and cartridges.

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Consumables "master list"

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I am doing some updating of my consumables inventory database for our 11 machines.


We have a new machine that I have yet to order user-replaceable service parts, like fusers and xerographic modules. Right now, I just want to get those part numbers to enter into my database, and I have had no luck finding them on the site.


At one time, I thought I stumbled on a page for another one of our machines that had a list of all the toner and service items part numbers. I am logged in to the site, and browsing the product page I cannot find that list. When I follow the supplies links, I just get to the toner and staples, but no service items. Oddly enough, even searching something like "fuser 5135" doesn't lead me to the part number I am looking for. If anyone knows the path I should follow on the product page, I would really appreciate it.

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