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paulporter New Member
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Copy Drum Test PDF

Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the "Copy Drum Test PDF"?




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k_graham Frequent Member
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Re: Copy Drum Test PDF

I will second the request for that, in fact seeing as its posted in the xerox pages why don't they put a link to it their as well.



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k_graham Frequent Member
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Re: Copy Drum Test PDF

I've enlarged to 13x19 ones here so one can also be checking for Fuser marks. The Green one is the Cyan and Yellow combined - if one has no marks on the Cyan then the issue is yellow.



Recently added 5x34 Quality Control Document as is a useful test of wide format printer without having to print 13 inch width. Also added extra Pantone and Gold Colors in 13x18 Quality Control Document just to get more samples. Also included are 2 sided alignment sheets as the Xerox 700i forgot to include the ability to print a 300gsm 2 sided

alignment sheet when the machine was upgraded to print 300gsm stock, plus these are black only so save a color click charge.


Improved Quality control Document images as embedded -with Color bars across sheet so cross sheet imperfection may be monitored. 


Instructions to use the above quality control sheet with your Spectometer for measuring Delta E  variation of your copier.


Complex design PDF - which prints correctly with new PDF RIPs with exception to the Blue Pantone graduated colors on right side (the 50% screen prints correctly as per monitor if Pantone Matching is off but way to bright if is on, that is at least the case with 700i and FreeFlow, not sure if it is a Xerox Freeflow issue or a Pantone software issue within the Xerox FreeFlow software as we had similar issues with Fiery)