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Joe Arseneau
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Re: Driver c3545

The GPD doesn't fully support the 3545, so it goes into either basic print mode or Xerox WorkCenter - Color

For this, set it to the 2nd one as seen her in Start > Devices and Printers, right-click the printer and go to Printer Properties > Administration and then click OK




Then go back in via right-click the printer and go to Printer Properties > Configuration and set the proper finisher and then enable hole-punch




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Joe Arseneau
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Driver c3545

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1) Since a few weeks I have aquired a second hand c3545 pro with advanced finisher.

Everything is working fine in Vista,, but in Win7 64 bit I have some driver issues.

In Vista I use the Workcentre Pro C3545 PS driver.

With this driver stappling works, but punching is not selectable. (there are no references to punching in this driver)

On the WCP screen, the document name and user inn the printqueues are the document names as  on the pc.


In Win7 64bit I use the Workcentre Pro C-series class driver.

Stappling works, no references to punching in the printer properties screen.

If I print from this driver in the WCP queue screen each job turns up as a number (ie Job xxxxx and user remote user)


If, on Win7 64bit, I try to use the General Printer driver from Xerox (GPD PCL6 v3.8.496.7.0) the print jobs go to the rabbit hole (ie nothing prints on the machine).


Can someone point me out to which driver to install on Win7 64bit to

- Get stappling AND punching functionality

- To show the real document names and users on the WCP screen.


2) Is there a way to reset a faulted tray without resetting the machine ? (ie without losing the print held print jobs)

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