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bxn88 New Member
New Member

Driver error message - Black and White Selection

We currently miggrate manny Xerox printer and use the XEROX Global Print Driver PS x64 for all printer. We encounter a strange error message on some installation (see picture).


The error message is not link to a specific model as this driver work great for the PrinterA-ModelA but will not work for PrinterB-ModelA.


We suspect it's a corruption of the driver from the pass driver install on the server - for help we did try to delete the driver/package on the server + all file on the server under C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\x64  


This solution work for some issue but some case still show the error message veen after recreate the printer et reinjected the driver.


Any clue?Error Message

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Agency Analyst MikeAXEY2C-AA
Agency Analyst

Re: Driver error message - Black and White Selection

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MichaelBuchanan New Member
New Member

Re: Driver error message - Black and White Selection

Hi Mike - do you have any experience with deployment of the XGPD and registry changes/configuration editor?


We are experiencing some issues, and would like to understand some more about the workings; seeing as we are making changes to the registry area of a lot of PCs.  What additional help is available besides this document you have suggested?

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