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Email Reports - Overages

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We are constantly getting hit with overage fees when certain departments print more pages than alloted on our contract.  I'm trying to identify if there is a way to setup alerts within our Xerox machines to send alerts when that quota is hit.  


We have various Xerox models, but the one I'm specifically looking at is Workcentre 7845.


An example would be, our dept. is alloted 7500 pages/month.  Once 7501 prints out I would like to receive an email.


Does that functionality exist?  I've poked around in the administration pages but can't find anything other than emails when pages jam or toner is low.  Any help is appreciated.

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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Email Reports - Overages

If the users have a 7500 image limit they can never get to impression 7501 so no email would be sent.

Their job would fail, they would get a message stating Job Deleted due to account being depleted.

The user would then report to the admin (you) and you would either increase their allotment or deny the request until end-of-period reset.




There are no other messages than what is listed here:




If you are trying to put limits on groups, that can't be done, it would wreak havoc if a whole legal department got shut down because a single assistant printed a huge document either by choice or by accident for example.


Or a user needs to print a document for a presentation to the CEO and can't because of the group she was part of, while having never printed a thing all month.



It is possible to code the feature, but you would need to contact Xerox officially by phone and request a FER (Feature Enhancement Request), but this is a fairly lengthy process (months, not days), and it is very unlikely to be a common request so they could decide to either not do it at all, or to do so for a fee and make you a one-off firmware with the option.

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Joe Arseneau
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