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Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Equitrac Billing problem.

have you bought the embed license in equitrac ?


if yes, they you should enable "track but do not record"


so all print data wil be ignored , because of driver/spooler mistakes

but that option, will track information based on the job history of the machine and then will be updated in the reports


so always a correct registration then

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Technical Escalation User
Technical Escalation User

Re: Equitrac Billing problem.

Hi Ed, 

Judging only by the begining of your email I would point this to a configuration issue in EQ and the price lists.


If you issue a report to find the amount of colour vs BW jobs are they correctly tagged? are colour jobs being tagged as colour and than charged as B&W. Or is this the case where a BW job is showing in EQ as colour?


  • If EQ is setup to use the DRE for accounting instead of JBA, than the information being sent by the print driver is going to be the one considered by EQ.



Your workaround, 

is to enable the option where the driver syncs with the application. Where do you see this option? Can you please state the path and the driver version?


Many thanks


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New Member
New Member

Equitrac Billing problem.

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

Good day all and thank you for your time.


My employer is waiting for Xerox to iron some kinks with equitrac. support at the moment for me. :smileyfrustrated:



We've been trying to figure out why our workcentre 7545 won't play nice when jobs are going to be released.


This is what happens:


Student prints in black and white and billing charges correctly.


Student prints in color and billing charges black and white.


Student prints in color and sometimes billing charges color.


Student prints in black and white and sometimes billing charges color.


We were using the global driver. In the global driver there's an option that tells the driver to synchronize with the application. Setting this to On, from "Off Recommended" fixed the billing problem. Also, the setting to sync the application with the driver only works for the user sitting at the computer, when a new user logs in the setting is off for his account.


We contacted Xerox and support told us to use the PostScript driver insted of the Global driver.


That didn't fix the issue.


Thank you for any adive.



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