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Re: Error 042-372

Hi, Ernie!


An Engineer would most likely check the MCU board to see if PJ10 is connected correctly, if so he'd do a motor test and check the harness etc.

If this problem persist something might be damaged and needs to be replaced.

Getting an engineer over to look at the machine is probably for the best :)


Best Regards


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Re: Error 042-372

I have followed the directions on the screen on my Work Centre 6015 NI and rebooted the printer, making the printer look as the problem is cleared. However, the ERROR CODE: 042-372 comes back. I have cleaned the Black Toner Cartrige receptical on the 6015 printer, since I had just replaced the cartride, but the 6015 NI has worked for at least a week since replacing the cartridge. Nothing seems to work. "I am now dead in the water."  The unit is under warranty and I have called the local service company for XEROX. That Work Order is in process.


What can be done now, if I was not under warranty?

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Re: Error 042-372

Thanks for the Reply...


I ahve attempted step 1 over the last 2 days, a few times...

As for step 2, I can log in fine, but under status I get the same error message...

042-372:Please reboot printer. Contact customer support if this failure is repeated.


Less then two weeks that I have this printer, didn't expect to have issues like this so soon =\


Supplies wise, a little low on black ink, 29%, but that shouldn't make the printer stop working...

Anything else I can try? REset the printer to factory settings, firmware update... anything?

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Re: Error 042-372


The error code you mentioned is in our product Knowledge base and there are 2 steps that it recommends.  I believe you have already shut the printer down and waited 10 seconds before rebooting.

The second recommendation is to view the printer status with CentreWare Internet Services.


Both steps can be found on our Support & Driver sites for the WorkCentre 6015 at:


I hope this helps.



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Error 042-372

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

I have a WorkCentre 6015NI

Set it up two weeks ago, my mom was printing and turned it off mid-print


Now whenever the printer goes on it shows and error message askign for restart (and if it repeats, to contact support)


It also displays the error message


IFMessageReturns Error Code 042-372

Code 1000000


How do I get the printer on again?

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