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Valued Advisor

Re: Error code 93,984.00:25677



The error code means: Cyan obstructed, reservoir not filled

If you do have some kind of warranty on the machine I would suggest you do get a technician to look at it.


If you do not have any warranty or contract you can try following these instructions:

• DO NOT REBOOT THE PRINTER - this could cause head overfill.
• Check for ink spills around the Printhead.
• Check the Ink Loader for bent melt tips.
• Check the Ink Loader power cable misrouting around melt tips.
• Check height of ink levels in the head reservoir.


Hope this helps!

Best Regards


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Error code 93,984.00:25677

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

Hi, we have a Colorcube 8570 with the error code 93,984.00:25677.


I am not able to click through it, escape, print or do anything at all actually! Swithced it off multiple times and am getting nowhere. Any help would be great.

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