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Re: Fault Code 017-534

Also, just to add, the software version that failed during the on-board software-update process is 38.50.61.

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Fault Code 017-534

Product Name: VersaLink B405 Multifunction Printer
Operating System: Not Specified

The subject fault code registered after commencing software (firmware?) update on a Versalink B405. The operation of the machine's update software caused the machine to enter a nonoperational state. I have not been able to determine a solution, and Xerox support has been less than helpful. Apparently I have not agreed to pay a ransom or fee to receive the anitidote to the failure that occurred in October. If you are contemplating a risk-benefit analysis of engaging an office machine, consider whether you want one that will self-destruct at the operation of the manufacturer's software.

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