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Joe Arseneau
Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Fault code 127-213 When connecting new used Fiery X3eTY

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The fault means they are incompatable. The cause will be one of 3 things.


  1. The Fiery is not to a DC252
  2. The Fiery is at a software version too new for the IOT (copier) firmware
  3. The Fiery is at a version too low for the IOT firmware


Also, the 250 (DC240-DC250) was upgradeable to a 260 (DC242-DC252-DC260) In which case the copier will have a SN with VGW, and the Fiery could be version 6, or upgradedo 8, in which case the copier would have to be running a firmware that would not work with a System 6 Fiery any longer.


Prefix         Model
VGW         DC240-250
DUX         DC260
DRB         DC242-252
WUP          EFI bustle (non-RoHS)X  
AXA          EFI bustle (RoHS)X  
WYM          EFI Fiery standalone EXP250 (non-RoHS)X  
BMK          EFI Fiery standalone EXP250 (RoHS)X  
ERB          EFI bustle DFE (RoHS) XX
EEA          EFI Fiery standalone EX260 (RoHS) XX


The X3eTY is not necessarily to a Xerox at all, Konica Minolta had at least one machine with it

Xerox had it on the 240 and the 260 family running entirely different softwares


The Fiery needs a CD to be reloaded, as far as I know it cannot be downloaded legally.



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Joe Arseneau

Fault code 127-213 When connecting new used Fiery X3eTY

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Recently I recieved a fault code "E4" on the fiery printer controller (X3eTY) for my Xerox docucolor 252 so I changed the fiery to another used one.

When starting up the printer with the "new" fiery printer controller the display on the printer shows fault code 127-213, which means there is a "RAP External Print IF Mismatch", according to the manual. 


Is there a software issue in the "new" fiery printer controller? If so, how do I fix it? Does it require a Fiery CD to reload the software or can I download it from the internet?

Any suggestions on what to do?


Thanks in advance!


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