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Re: Finishing a catalog after printing on Xerox 700i

The top and bottom cuts shoud not be too much of an issue(Don't do these until you have your face trim done).

It's the face trim that will be more difficult.

The best way I have found in this situation, is to do small stacks(say five).

Carefully lower your clamp using easy pressure over the spine edge of the book before you trim them.

This will flatten the books so you can get a more true face cut. You may have to play with the pressure a little to get it just right so you don't damage the book at all. Hopefully you don't have too many to do because it can be a little time consuming, but it does work!

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Finishing a catalog after printing on Xerox 700i

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I was wondering what the best way to trim the excess borders on a catalog that was finished (stapled and creased) using the booklet maker option on the 700i. I don't have the square fold trimmer.


I have an electronic cutter but with the booklets already creased its very difficult to line up for cuts. Would I be able to do all my printing first on flat paper and then resend the prints through the machine for creasing and binding?


Thanks for your help.

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