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Technical Escalation User
Technical Escalation User

Re: Incompatible toner for one 7545 but not for the other

In a nutshell the difference is in how you are billed. A metered account after certain number of clicks will automatically generate a supply reorder to keep your stock at the correct levels. A sold account means you need to keep track of your own supplies and purchase replacements before you run out.


Metered supplies will not work in a sold machine. Sold supplies installed in a metered machine will change the machine to a sold status and you're on your own for ordering until a service tech changes it back if you wish. There is no good way to convert metered supplies to sold supplies and vice versa. Next time you need service, ask your tech to make both machines the same, preferably sold in my opinion. It can be done with a simple phone call to his/her engineering support center.


Hope this helps.

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New Member

Incompatible toner for one 7545 but not for the other

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

We have two WorkCentre 7545 printers in the office and have ran into an issue replacing the cyan toner in one of them.  The toner is a genuine Xerox cartridge but the printer is returning a "not compatible" error.  However, when I put it in the other 7545, it's happy and shows cyan at 100%.  Both the old and new cartridges are identical down to the label.  The part number on the new cartridge’s box is 06R01512.  On the toner’s label, 06R01512 is listed under “WW Metered.”  When I log into Centreware on the first 7545, the one that doesn’t like the new toner, it’s telling me to use the cyan toner 06R01516.  On the label, this is listed under “NA/ESG Sold.”


So my first question is; what is the difference between WW Metered and NA/ESG Sold?  WW Metered toner cartridge cannot replace a NA/ESG Sold cartridge, but can NA/ESG Sold replace a WW Metered cartridge?  Is there a way I can override the “not compatible” error?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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