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Re: Installing WorkCentre 6027 Drivers on Windows 11

Hi Sottojoe, 

Thank you for using the Support Forum. We appreciate you providing this solution.  I know it will help others in the future.  

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Installing WorkCentre 6027 Drivers on Windows 11

Product Name: WorkCentre 6027
Operating System: Windows 11

This is not a question, so much as a how-to, since I had difficulty installing the WorkCentre 6027 drivers on Windows 11 Pro.

The symptom was: I ran the installer (dated 2022.03.22, named 6027_WindowsDrivers_20220323.exe) and the main window appeared. 

Main Installer Window 1.jpg

I selected "Install Software," since the printer had already been set up when I bought it years ago. After passing the licensing consent window, and landing on the installation type window:

Main Installer Window 2.jpg

I chose any one of the three installation options and clicked "Next", which led to a small dialog box about preparing the InstallShield Wizard, and then...nothing. No wizard, no success message, no failure...nothing at all.

A little poking around showed that the main .exe program was unpacking a directory -- mine went into the TMP directory that I had configured for my logged-in user (an administrator) and had a hierarchy that looked like this, under a temp firectory inside TMP:


the location of the directory will vary, and should probably be in your own %USERPROFILE%\TEMP directory or wherever Windows decides to place it. The contents of this directory are complete when the first installation window appears. While that window is present, copy the entire directory to a different location. For example, in the photo, copy "C:\tmp\nsu617b.tmp\Xerox" to some other directory (use right-click->"Show More Options"->Copy, and then navigate to the new location and right-click->"Show More Options"->Paste.)

Now, inside this directory that you have copied, navigate to Xerox\Install subdirectory and execute the "Setup.exe" program, which will perform the complete installation.


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