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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Issues with WorkCentre 4265

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Your assumption is very much correct on the metered thing, you will need Xerox to either convert the machine, or you will need to replace the toners. It is not free, Xerox charges for conversions.


Immediate overwrite is simply done. It is nothing to be concerned about.


CWIS > Properties > Security > Image Overwrite Security > On Demand image Overwrite > Start




To explain the Overwrite error: <In a clear way that is not by any means using Xerox official language>

The printer is set to immediately wipe any data as soon as it is no longer required. So it scans a page, converts it to pdf and emails it out, it then wipes all data associated with that scan so that it cannot be recovered by someone even if they pull the HDD, Decrypt it and try and restore it.


But, the machine isn't stunningly bright ;-) , Occasionally, it sees data that needs to be deleted/formatted, and it does so, but while it is doing it, someone does another job (print/copy/fax/scan) and that jobs data is there after the wipe. So the machine incorrectly thinks that it failed to overwrite the data and displays the error prompting you so you know there may be something there, and to run it again manually.


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Joe Arseneau

Issues with WorkCentre 4265

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Product Name: WorkCentre 4265

I am relatively new here so I apologie if this is posted in the wrong location. I am having problems with one of the copiers at the office. It is a WorkCentre 4265 and I am hagive two (I think) unrelated issues. The first is probably the easy one. The toner was changed this morning with a new, opened Genuine Xerox toner. We have three brand new toners. Each one, when inserted in the machine gives an "Invalid toner cartyridge" error. My thoughts are that this is because it is a metered cartridge and we just cancelled our Page Connect contract with a bad company. Is this a correct assumption? The other issue is a message that says "Innediate image overwrite error". I am completely lost. Any ideas?

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