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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Looking for Solution for Complex Mass Printing

Hello martinadhie,


Your local Xerox Sales Office should be able to help you with these questions.  The sales office has staff members that can show you how to use your machine to do the things that you are asking about.  They also should have the hardware that you are looking to order as well.



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Looking for Solution for Complex Mass Printing

Product Name: Other - specify product in post



I just join in the insurance company.

Currently we are looking for printing solutions with requirement as follow:


  1. Able to generate mass printing letter for all customer (in insurance called policy holder), which each customer would receive different kind letters,
  2. With high volume printing, monthly about 100k - 200k letters.
  3. Each letter send to customer originated/source from different file document type eg: .pdf, .doc,.tif etc.
  4. Each file document need to be printed on certain paper/tray eg: one.pdf file printed on A4, two.pdf printed on yellow paper A4, three.tif printed on A5 card
  5. Within a file document also possible to be printed on certain paper/tray eg: one.pdf to be printed on A4 except 1st page as cover letter to be printed on thick cover paper.
  6. Finalizing, has instruction whether need to be folded and use what type of envelope.
  7. Using web service/online to automate and communicate with application server.

Kindly please advice on the hardware and software which able to automate those above.


Many thanks in advance.

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