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New Xerox copier rarely works

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Does anyone on this board know how to get Xerox to change out this lemon copier that we have had for a total of 6 months that only works intermittently?  This is the most ridiculous program I have ever experienced, Xerox keeps sending out "experts" that scratch their heads and constantly want to meet (I guess that's how they get paid is dependent upon the # of meetings they have) and my company is still stuck with this lemon!  Any suggestions?



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Re: New Xerox copier rarely works

Hi Pam,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. You do not mention which machine you are using or what type of problem you are having.  There are people here that might be able to help if they had that information.  To answer your question about the "lemon" situation please contact your sales representative or point of purchase for further information. I apologize for the problem you have been seeing and I encourage you to contact your sales person.  If you require further assistance you can also contact Customer Relations at 1-877-979-8498.   

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