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Re: Non-compliant device

Thank you for the advice. So far the problem has disappeared on its own after running discovery couple of times. 

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Re: Non-compliant device

Hello JurajM

  If you are incountering this problem, then you should follow the gideline. The link is available below, through which you can explore all the related infromation of the product.

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Non-compliant device

Product Name: CentreWare Web
Operating System: Windows Server 2012 x64


I am having issues with some printers not reporting corrrectly in Centreware web. Their status is Non-compliant, so I wonder what would cause that status. I checked SNMP settings, it is all in default, compared it with other device that is exact same model and I cannot find a solution. 

The models are 3345, versalink B7030.

Thank you.


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