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Technical Escalation Support
Technical Escalation Support

Re: Nuvera 144 PE Registration Setup

If this is being performed from User Diagnotics, the instructions on the dc0604 screen will lead you through the procedure.

10.00 is a pretty large jump, this is the full width of the reference graph.

Ensure the skew you are seeing is not being generated by a particular paper tray or stock.

A skew this large that is not correctable may need your local Xerox Service Team to be involved.


hope this helps


Bob Bujak
Technical Escalation Support - Technical Solution Center
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New Member

Nuvera 144 PE Registration Setup

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Is there a job aid or a link with step-by-step instructions for performing print registration on the Nuvera 144 MX?  When trying to center the alignment, I keep getting a message that the values I'm entering are outside the NVM range of -10.0/10.0.  When I try to bring the values into the '10' range, the alignment gets more skewed.  Thanks.

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