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Re: Online Service Request Site - Request Remote Technical Support Form

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This is ridiculous! I used to place service requests in less than 30 seconds. I have been on the phone for over 40 minutes now! In addition, I had to click link after link to get to a chat box, and the chat bot is stupid and extremely counter-intuitive. Another 12 minutes on the chat option before a representative comes in, with 2 minute delay between each message. I have been chatting, providing information, seriel numbers, hours, etc. when this was all previously in the system.

I am extremely disappointed in Xerox and it seems impossible to get a hold of anyone. My business relies on being able to provide a service, and when I cannot provide that service due to jamming and quality issues, well that sets me back greatly. 

What is the solution to this problem? I would like to know. 

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