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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Phaser 7100n consumable alerts


Assuming the entry in the field I put is an address you have tested sending an email to you can filter out any relay quirks.


Then you have the send notice, obviously if it is set to a regular interval you can go through the printers fault history, find the faults at the specific time + or - 5 minutes to diagnose an actual error. And make sure the printer knows the time and date correctly.


If it is on Immediate notice just casue an error , wait 5 minutes and check the fault history.


Failing that, the printers account may have triggered the SMTP server to block the alerts due to frequency (Somebody opened the tray 5 times in 3 minutes) or the subject line since it never changes (same email sent constantly), Hosts like Gmail and Office365 both will block them server side.



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Joe Arseneau
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Phaser 7100n consumable alerts

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I've configured smtp and can scan to email successfully. I've also configured the email addresses I would like alerts to be sent to. However, I am not receiving those logs or alerts to any of the email addresses. I've checked to sure that they are not being captured in spam. Is there some place I can check to see why alerts aren't being sent? Do I have to use centraware in order to get toner status? Any troubleshooting steps offered would be greatly appreciated. The printer is attached to the network via ethernet.
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