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Re: Phaser 7400 not printing color from applications, Nonprofit Student Radio Station needs Help!

Hi Pmchristopher

Thank you for using the Xerox forum.

I would suggest that you bookmark and review the following site for solutions. Phaser 7400 Support & Drivers

There is a grey navigation bar, on the support tab you can search for specific text and on the documentation tab you can review the User and System administrators guides.

In the User Guide there is a setting shown to "print only grey" on Page 4-3 (Adjusting Color)>>TekColor tab>> "Black & white conversion". If this is selected it could create the symptom you are seeing. 

If that does not resolve your issue you may consider contacting our specific product support experts for customers in the USA at the following link:Phaser 7400 Support Fast Track to the Expert or by phone 1-800-835-6100 U.S. & Canada Mon - Fri 8AM-8PM ET

If you are outside the USA you should contact the local support center in your area which you can find here:

Mitch Swetsky
Xerox Customer Tools & Social Media Moderator

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Phaser 7400 not printing color from applications, Nonprofit Student Radio Station needs Help!

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I'm sure this is related to the driver but I'm stumped for a solution.

Our student radio station was gifted with a Phaser 7400 with 2500 copies on the counter -- almost new!  The startup pages print beautifully in full color. No error messages.

The problem is that nothing else will print in color. I've downloaded several drivers from Xerox. Some work a bit, some don't work at all.  Xerox claims that their drivers are not to blame. Any suggestions? Anyone else encounter this problem?

If anyone can come up with the answer, we'll be happy to give them an on-air shout-out.

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