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Re: Phaser 7760/5550 disabling manual feed tray?



I've only seen this option on 6360, which means I do not think you can just turn off the tray.

Though you can set the driver to print through a default tray and default paper size but if they do choose their own settings the same problem will remain.



Hope this helps.


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Phaser 7760/5550 disabling manual feed tray?

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I'm just wondering if it's possible to disable the manual feed tray on the Phaser 7760 and 5550 or otherwise force users to use the paper types and sizes in the other trays? We have a few Phaser 7760s and 5550s that we let students print to from our faculty computer lab at the University I work for. Unfortunately, everyone assumes that they can press print and their odd shaped documents will automagically print to a pre-loaded paper size in one of the trays. Instead what happens is the printers ask for the odd size paper from the manual feed tray. Print jobs get backed up, we have to cancel their jobs and credit their account for the money that our print accounting system charged them.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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