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Joe Arseneau
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Re: Please Help, Printer will not boot up

If that much hardware is failing, you have a power problem, if the model had even similar failure rates outside of your location, they would not have sold them anywhere near as long as they did.

But if we assume hardware isn't actually needed and somehow the software being loaded onto the printer is the actual fix (which must be done to replace most of what you listed). Then most likely a Forced Altboot no data backup would work and can be done by you with a USB stick.

See here,then here and use this firmware

Of course if hardware failures are happening, it won't fix anything, but it can't hurt to try

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Joe Arseneau
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Please Help, Printer will not boot up

Product Name: WorkCentre 3655
Operating System: Windows 7 x64



I hope someone can help with this.  I manage an enterprise organization who has hundreds of workcentres. Lately we have been getting printers that cannot fully boot up. They get to the energy saver Xerox screen and freeze.  We have had several service technicians come out and they fix it by doing a combination of the following: firmware update, replace HDD, replace SD card or replace main board.  These repairs have gotten very costly.


Does anyone know what causes this problem? Also, is there a simpler way to troubleshoot/fix this without throwing expensive parts in?


Thank you in advance for the help!!!

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