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Re: Print Profile Definitions - WORKCENTRE 7345

i am not sure , but i think there are saved in the register...

local machine \ software \ xerox


maybe you can try exporting those keys and importing back...

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Print Profile Definitions - WORKCENTRE 7345

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My work PC  is being replaced and one of the things that I am seeing is that ALL the print profiles that I have saved for a number of different WorkCentres within my Company do not show up on the new computer when I access the printer preferences.


So assume that there is a definitions/profile file somewhere in the deep innards of my old computer.


Can you tell me what the file name is, where it is normally installed/created, and if I can simple duplicate the folder/file structure on my new computer (copy it over) to have all my printer profile definitions back?


Hopefully I don’t have to try and re-create them.


Thanks for your time and consideration.

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