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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Print driver settings not pushing from server

It's an issue in Windows 10 Anniversary edition. (Version 1607)


Microsoft is working on it and so are multiple print vendors, but there is no ETA from any.


There are also a few GPO issues with it.


And many issues with Preferences in General.


The only way to get on the list for a notification when the issue is resolved (If resolved by Xerox before MS does) is to get a child spar done, so you would have to call Xerox, get to 2nd level and they will do a spar on it, and they would link it to the Parent spar of CQGbl01004099. You would need to have a maintenance agreement to get to that point of course, and realize we are now almost 2 months later, and 2 Insider Preview builds have come and no fix as yet .


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Joe Arseneau
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Print driver settings not pushing from server

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I am using a GPD for a 7775... I have tried : 


Completely removing driver off of driver store and print management/ re-installing / re-sharing.


Trying a machine specific driver with same process above.


I have a lot of computers and I can not go to each one by settings printing preferences for it to stick (it does stick if it is done under printing preferences from each computer). It has to come from the server.


the OS of server is 2012 (not 2012 r2) the machines are Windows 10.



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