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Printer make loud noise every time it prints

Product Name: WorkCentre 3335/3345
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

We bought 2 WorkCentre 3335s.  One works nornally. The other makes a loud BEEEEEEEEEEEP every single time it prints. It is driving everyone in the office crazy. I've gone searching thru admin and user manuals, nothing at all in there about sounds or beeps or silencing.  Has anyone experienced and can suggest anything before we just have to return it?

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Valued Advisor

Re: Printer make loud noise every time it prints

Typically all the volumes on a Xerox device are in around the admin area ala Machine Status > Tools > Device Settings > General.

But I don't have a 3335/3345 model to confirm that it is exactly there, and don't know what tech the device is based on, so I can't confirm. I messaged a guy who has one, he didn't respond.

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Joe Arseneau
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