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Re: Printwheel Catalogs Memorywriter, Diablo 630, 850, 860ips

Thank you for using the Support Forum. We no longer carry any of the manuals or documentation. This machine is more than 25 years old and no longer supported by Xerox.  I was not successful in finding an old manual.  I would suggest searching online to see if anyone still has one. 

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Printwheel Catalogs Memorywriter, Diablo 630, 850, 860ips

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Is there an archived catalog(s) of the available Print Wheels (plastic and metalized) which were used with the Xerox Memorywriter, and/or Xerox 800 Typing System, Xerox 850 Display Typing System, and 860 Information Processing system?  I know that CUBIC PS was a common metalized wheel used with the 860ips, and was curious to know if it was carried over for the Memorywriter models.



Don Resor


Don Resor
Los Angeles
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