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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Problem with Windows 7 64-bit driver for WorkCentre Pro 128

The class driver is only slower if you don't create the port manually (Windows creates a WSD port, which is vastly slower than LPR/RAW) if you don't choose to do it all manually. So in short, pick The Printer I want wasn't listed and proceed through the way you would on Windows 7. I would suggest the Xerox Global Print driver and use Basic Print Mode since it doesn't support the device fully, but luckily that is fine since the it really had no advanced features anyway.






If the Query printer option is checked it will automatically use the class driver, if you want to use the GPD, install it from and cancel the wizard, then when you get to here on the manual installation you can browse to C:/Xerox after this screen




If you use the GPD, make sure you set it in Printer Properties > Administration > Configuration = Xerox WorkCentre - Black and White or just Basic Printing Mode (Depends on features needed)





I confirmed the PCL and PS driver won't install in Win 10 Pro with the latest insider Preview, so it looks like this printers time has come for the workaround. It may be possible to load the PS driver if you disable driver signature enforcement.

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Joe Arseneau
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Problem with Windows 7 64-bit driver for WorkCentre Pro 128

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I'm using a WorkCentre Pro 128. It works great, but I've just upgraded to Windows 10 x64 and I can't find appropriate drivers for it.

I'm able to get basic print capabilities when I install the WorkCentre Pro 165/175 class driver, but it prints roughly 3 times slower compared to the correct driver when on Windows 7. I install the drivers by going to "add printer" in Windows, then browsing by manufacturer. 165/175 was the closest version number I could find compared to what I have.

I have tried using the PCL 6 driver for the WorkCentre Pro 128 listed under Win7 x64 on your website, however when I attempt to install it Windows gives me this error: "the hash for the file is not present". 


What else can I try?

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