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Re: Equitrac!

1- I have alot of employees who complains that when they print long documents, they have to stay next to the printer and touch the "touchscreen" every couple of seconds so they don't get "kicked" because of inactivity.  If they don't touch do it, their print jobs stops.  They say they have stay next to the printer sometimes for 30 minutes!  Something I find weird is that if the printer's 8.5" supplies are emptied while printing and someone puts paper in them 1 hour later, the printer will finish it's job!... Something does'nt feel right.  (I know one solution would be to raise the delay that people will get kicked if they don't interact with the touch screen but this printer was sold as a secure solution... It would go against it's reason to be installed in our office if I had to get either rid of the delay or have to raise it too much)


2- Our card readers have alot of problems reading cards, one of them has to be replaced but I already have a service call.  I'm expecting a Xerox employee today to replace it.


3- Sometimes, when applies his access card on the card reader, the printer will display "please wait".  I waited for at least 40 seconds and then rebooted the printer.  I've noticed this on more than one printer and I've seen it at least twice in the same week.  This means that out of 2500 employees, I bet alot of us here suffered from this.  I even tried logging in with the alternate login wich means I have to enter my pin and password with the lcd keyword but it will show the same message either when I try to type my pin or my password.


4- Since we installed the equitrac server and the xerox printers, the drivers for other printers are getting corrupt on employees workstations.  One problem leads to an hp printer printer all of one documents page on one physical page! (I see alot of stuff on one page!)  For the Xerox printers, it happens also but it disables all the advanced printing services like double sided printing, printing on larger paper format, etc..


I'll post more issues in a while


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Fabio Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Equitrac!

yes, those are common problems and fixed in newer firmwares versions


what machine do you have and what firmware level ?

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