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pt Member

Reduce Frequency of Alert emails

Good morning.

I am trying to find a way to reduce the frequency of alerts from our WorkCentres.

I don't need to be reminded every 45 minutes that machine AB is low on toner or that machine CD's waste toner container is almost full.

I do need to know that they're low and/or almost full, just not that often.

I cannot find anywhere in the settings to adjust the frequency of these messages.
Am I looking in the wrong places?
or is it not possible?

We have a mix of XWC 78xx, 58xx, 59xx, and 42xx machines.
(Even if I can only adjust SOME of them, it will help! <grin>)


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js983e Valued Member
Valued Member

Re: Reduce Frequency of Alert emails

Under properties, general setup, alert notification, low supply warning. you can change the duration of the notifications there.

pt Member

Re: Reduce Frequency of Alert emails

Thank you for your reply, js983e. 


The screen I see at

properties > general setup > alert notification > low supply warning

appear to be settings for when the alerts should start, for instance when there are approximately 7 days of toner remaining.


I will certainly adjust those numbers so I have fewer days of repetetive emails, but I am also hoping for a setting that would send me fewer of EACH alert.

For instance, I'd like a machine to alert me when it hits the designated "Hey, I'm getting low now" point, and then NOT tell me again until it gets to "I'm almost dead,"  and then leave me alone until "OK, it's time to replace me!"


I don't suppose you know of a setting for that?

<hopeful look>







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