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Restoring thousands of Saved jobs to Colorqube 9201

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My company, which is a learning center, has a Xerox Colorqube 9201 and we use the Saved Jobs feature to print all our course manuals.

We developed a web application in order to print everything we need for a course with one click. This greatly optimizes our frontdesk services and saves us a lot of time. For sometime now the Backup Jobs feature doesn't work (last backup we have is from 2 years ago). We mentioned this several times to our Xerox techs but no solution was provided.

The current problem is that because of other issue, the techs managed to brick the machine and had to do a full install of everything, in a new hard disk, disabling the use of every saved job (thousands of documents), with no concern for our work. 

Now we are left with hundreds of man hours to upload every single document into the new printer's disk.

I'de like to ask if anyone knows of any simple way to send this amount of documents automatically.

We already tried cloning the partition from the replaced disk into the new one with no effect (advice from our Xerox analists).

Web services for devices could be a solution, but there's no documentation available.

Another way I imagine would be creating a batch file, but I'm unable to figure out how.


Thank you in advance.



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