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Joe Arseneau
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Re: Restrict Printing unless done through Equitrac

Use an IP filter to block all IP's except the Equitrac device/Server?




You can also turn on Network Accounting within CWIS and set it to the Equitrac Server, which should fault the network jobs.


But, none will fault system jobs, Accounting does not track error sheets, startup sheets (turn them off if you don't want them) and nothing will stop a Configuration report from printing when requested by a user at the device.


And possibly disable all the print ports that Equitrac server is not using that involve print on the printer (IPP/LPR/RAW) and drastically change the port, so say you leave RAW enabled, but make the port be 9786 instead of 9100, that should block any driver not using the default port 9100.



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Joe Arseneau
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Restrict Printing unless done through Equitrac

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We've fully rolled out Equitrac, and have been using the Follow-You print queue for around 6 months. Due to other emergencies, I did not keep a watchful eye on how well it was working (aside from the occasional report for the administration team). I have found that the accounts "Unknown User" and "System Created" have racked up TONS of charges, with no accountability. I have found that hundreds of  computers in our organization are still printing to \\PRINT_SERVER1\PRINTER_NAME, rather than the Follow-You print queue.

These Xeroxes are still "installed" on our print server, but are no longer shared. I've found that the users are still able to add those printers, despite not being shared (not sure if this is by design or not). This means, while I can write a logon script to remove the printer objects from their computers, this does not stop them from adding it again, and many machines have a script that adds certain printers automatically after login.


Edit: I forgot to add - Restricting printing to only logged-in users renders the Follow-You print functions useless, so that is not an option.

I can't seem to find any settings on the Xeroxes, in Equitrac, or in the Windows settings on the print server itself that will help me out. I am looking for any advice to keep users from printing to the Xeroxes directly, and/or force them to use the Follow-You print queue.

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