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Scan to Email function and Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

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We have 6 WorkCentre 5225 copiers, one 5745 and one 7428. We had them set up to use an SMTP server in conjunction with Microsoft Exchange 2003 to use the Scan to Email function.


We added another mail server with Exchange 2010 and did away with the original mail server.  I replaced all the IP addresses for the new SMTP server (set up on the new Exchange server).  However, none of the 5225s will Scan to Email any more.  The 7428 and the 5745 still Scan to Email properly, by only changing the IP address of the new server.


We have tried numerous configurations.  The SMTP server does not require authentication. The primary error message is (027-772):  SMTP server err (HELO refusal).


I know the 5225s do not support SSL.  In looking at the specs, the 7428 doesn't either.  Any ideas as to the problem with the 5225s???

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