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Scan to email issue

Product Name: WorkCentre 3335/3345
Operating System: Windows 11

Have a bizare issue. On 3 of the 40 units of my 3335/3345 xerox MFP's, when sending a scan to email to an internal address we receive the email with an "outlook item file". when you click the "outlook item file" it then opens another window that has the correct email with the pdf attachment. I can have an identical unit with the same settings and firmware and it doesn't do it. I cant figure out what could be causing this. They are brand new units. They just start doing this, when nothing is changed. It could be a day, week, month later. Our fear is that all of these units are going to start doing this. i have looked at the printers up and down, I am stumped. stumped xerox support and amcom support, stumped my exchange administrator. Factory reset the printers, updated/downgraded firmware, tried different IP address, moved it to a different location, and it still happens. if we scan to email to a gmail or different carrier it doesnt do it. Its only internal. Its not an exchange issue, or an outlook issue. Have looked at this as well I cant have this as we send scan to email to be processed by one of our pharmacy software's. We confirmed its not the software causing this either. Any ideas/help would be appreciated!                      FaceTime

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Re: Scan to email issue

Hello Kenneth,

If you haven't tried already, you could consider cloning it from a device that is working properly.

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