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Scanning option to multiple folders on Workcentre 7845

At our corporate office, employees scan a lot of documents that need to end up in seperate folders. Currently, they will scan to a single folder, and have to go into that folder to move the scanned documents to whichever folder it needs to end up in.

I would like to create a scanning button, that when pressed, will show all the different folders they can scan to to elimate this step.


I have messed around with creating a template but it will only scan to a single folder. Is there a way to have the multi-step option I'm looking for with these printers?

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Re: Scanning option to multiple folders on Workcentre 7845

1 template goes to 1 folder.


You can make a template for each of the folders and use the folder name as the template name, that would be better than what they are doing now.

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Joe Arseneau
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