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Re: Service Contract Hasn't Transferred in 6 months PLEASE HELP

Hi Genegreen, 

Thank you for using the Support Forum. I understand how you must be frustrated with the process.  Unfortunately, we can't fix it here on the Customer Support Forum but I have a couple of suggestions.  First visit the Xerox Service Agreements Website, there are several links on that page that may help or call the toll free number near the top of the page and see if they can get this resolved.  The other suggestion is to go to the Contact Us page and select the first option for Account Support.  

I hope this information helps you find the resolution you are looking for and you can get all of this straightened out.  I appreciate your loyalty to Xerox and your patience with us.  

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Service Contract Hasn't Transferred in 6 months PLEASE HELP

Product Name: Xerox Versant 180 Press
Operating System: Windows 8

Hello Forum,

I'm currently dealing with a nightmare. I purchased a Versant v180 on January 28th, 2021. I emailed Xerox the purchase agreement and the " New Customer Information Sheet" on January 28th. Xerox informed the process should take no longer than 30 days. 


Over the last 5 months since the original purchase of the machine ALOT has changed. I'll summarize everything to make it short and sweet.


February 28th, 2021

We still don't have a service agreement or contract transfer. We have to borrow ink from local versant owners because xerox refuses to send us ink while the application is processing.


March 28th

We still don't have a service agreement or the contract hasn't transfer but Xerox did figure a way to change the address from the original owner in Ohio to my location in Michigan. We were finally able to get service for the first time but we still have to rely on friendly vendors for ink. We are printing 50k impressions a month full coverage on 13x19 C2S front and back.

At this time all of our customers are very disappointed. We lost all trust. We can't give the customer a due date because we don't know when we will have supplies  (ink, waste cartridge, fusers). So we are forced to outsource and literally lost money on every job because who wants to be the one with a price increase during a pandemic on top of not having orders ready on time for lack of supplies. Xerox really put my company in an unbearable predicament. No one has the authority to speed things up or override anything. I found that to be super odd for how big Xerox is and the position Xerox put my company.


April 28th

The battle was almost over, I thought until Xerox emailed us back and said the paperwork was submitted incorrectly. I contacted the original service rep from the original owner who had me switch the paperwork the incorrect way for me to have to re-submit the paperwork the right way, my original way. The original owner agreed to let me keep the service agreement in their name and I paid per click and the monthly fee directly to the original owner. At this point, the original owner is tired of the back and forth and just wants to be done. He decides to cancel the service agreement so he's officially done with the machine. And now I'm left with no contract on the machine. Denise Tabeca, the original owner account representative assured me the machine would be still covered during the process. I let Denise know things have changed with my business and we are relocating to Georgia on May 20th, 2021. Denise told me to wait till we officially moved before she resubmitted the paperwork again so shouldn't have to change the address two times. I agreed because I want to get this process done as soon as possible.


May 28th

The machine has moved to Atlanta, GA as of May 20th, 2021. The machine plugged in and got right to work. I called Denise to let her know the situation that the machine has been moved and she said she will begin the process and assured me it wouldn't take long. June 1st the machine would just not print. I would load the print file to the fiery and hit print and the machine would sound like it was starting up to print and heat up but the machine would not fire a single print. I called for service and guess what? I no longer have a contract. I tell Xerox it's ok I need to get my machine up and running and Xerox said you have to pay 1000 to get someone out and 200 an hour for service. I was furious because Denise assured me the machine would still be covered through the process. That was a lie. I'm in such a bind I told Xerox I'll just pay the fee. I have to keep my company working I have a family to provide for. Xerox agreed to come out if I paid the REDICULOUS fee, mind you, I wouldn't have purchased the machine if the contract couldn't be transferred in 120 days or less (which is 90 days past the promise date) but I'm stuck now. Fast forward to the next day, the day of my appointment, my Xerox technician called and said he was on the way and I was super excited until he told me he can only go to the original owners address in Ohio to service the machine and I'm all the way in Georgia. I called Xerox back furious and they told me the address should be updated June 30th and they have no ETA when the service agreement should be updated.  It's currently June 21, 2021, and my machine has been down for almost a month and I have no way of getting service.


Can someone please direct me to help. Xerox is a huge cooperation I know they don't leave their customers disappointed like this.


I have tons of email and text proof with months of back and forth PLEASE HELP or guide me in the right direction.

Sincerely A Loyal Customer,


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