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js983e Valued Member
Valued Member

Software verification test failed

Had a couple printers running unusually slow one a 6655 & other 7835 both located in different buildings in different states hosted on different servers. on a hunch i ran the software verification test and both failed. i also ran it on 10 other machines for my own sanity, all 10 failed.


Only the two were have issues but was just curious if this test failure can eventually be the root of ongoing issues.. couldnt really find any information on what its testing and what a failure means other than to have support reinstall the software. If its a serious issue i will have some one else run the test on the remaining machines and resolve ass needed.


Machines tested workcenter 3655, 6655, 7835, 7855


Mostly SW version:


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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-xrx
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: Software verification test failed

It doesn't mean much, but since you have multiple devices (seemingly 100%) that are failing, I would have to guess that a clone file has been used form a different firmware or device. Or they are all set to use NTP for the time but nobody actually entered in an NTP server.


I'm quite sure I have mentioned to you multiple times my dislike of that 34540 release though. I would update all of them, and with the tool installer they can all be done at once assuming network connectivity.





784X or 785X

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js983e Valued Member
Valued Member

Re: Software verification test failed

That would make sense. When  i did the recent installs I did a seperate clone of each device type just to try and avoid and potential issues.


Thanks for the links to the recent software.

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