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Re: Support Help

Well the fix was short lived.  The roller that the technician replaced need to be adjusted as it was grabbing several pages at one time.  I called support on Monday, February 24th to request a technician.  I never received a call back or a technician.  On Tuesday we found toner sprayed all over the wall and there were error messages on the copier so I called support again.  They said a technician would call and let us know when he would be here.  Never heard anything.  On Wednesday the copier is dead in the water.  I called support again and was told again that a technician would call with an ETA.  Nothing.  Today is day #4 that I have called support.  I have no reason to believe that I will ever get a returned call or a technician, but I will be a pain in the neck calling anyway.  This is an extremely busy Finance office for the whole Putnam County School District, which encompasses Payroll, Accounts Payable, Insurance and Fiscal Services.  We run a ridiculous amount of work through that copier every day.  Yesterday we transmitted payroll and had to reroute everything to another site in order to run payroll for 2000 employees.  My boss is ready to say "good-bye" to Xerox forever and search for another company that renders much better customer support and service. 

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Re: Support Help

Hi dcirigliano,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. I apologize for the problems you had with support.  I am glad to hear that your technician was able to get everything working for you.  I have escalated your concerns about support and hope you will give it another try next time you have an issue with your printer. 

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Support Help

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Ever since Xerox outsourced their support service, life has been ridiculously complicated in maintaining our copier.  I called support in December of 2019 to order a stapler cartridge part for our xerox and had to go through nine different people to finally get to one that somewhat knew what they were talking about.  Out of those nine people there were only two that spoke english well enough that I could even understand what they were saying.  The ninth person was finally able to order the part for me.  I waited two weeks for the part, and when I finally got it, I called back to schedule a technician to install it.  When the technician came, imagine how very surprised I was that it was not the correct part! (Well actually, considering the hoopla I went through to get it, I really should not have been all that surprised.)  Thankfully the very nice technician happened to have the part that we needed on his truck so he was able to not waste a service call.  I am not sure why all of the support personnel we had previously were let go, but they need to be rehired.  It used to not be any problem at all to contact support.  Now when I need to call it is literally the worst part of my day.  For the money that this school district pays every month to use Xerox products, we should definitely have much better support help than this. Not happy in Palatka, Florida!