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The dreaded Error 116-324 Controller Error

Product Name: DocuPrint CP315 dw
Operating System: Not Applicable

I recently purchased a DocuPrint CP315 dw printer for use at home. The printer turned on fine, so I proceed to set up the WiFi. As soon as I set up the WiFi, the printer rebooted, the printer turned on, and the icon indicates that WiFi is initially disconnected, then within seconds, it shows that it is connected and almost immediately, the printer gave me the dreaded Error 116-324, Controller Error. After that, followed by roughly 5 hours of trial and error, no luck. I tried wired Ethernet, WiFi, and USB. Only USB works, whenever the printer tries to join my network, Error 116-324/Controller Error shows up. Please note, the error shows up without any print job. At this point, I have not even installed the printer driver on any of my computers. 

I searched online and found a support page listing out all the things to try for this error. I did ALL of them, except for disabling the Advanced Printing Features because I simply can't even reach that stage. I tried to disable all the Network Protocols that I do not need. But the same thing. Reset NVM etc. Same thing. The Error 116-324 shows up within seconds after every reboot. It was EXTREMELY frustrating.

So I reached out to FujiXerox. They sent a guy over the next day. He had NO solution for me. I have over 100 devices on my network, and the network has been running very smoothly for years. No hiccups. He tried using a cross LAN cable and connected it to his notebook. it printed! He managed to print. As long as the printer is not connected to MY network, it works just fine. But as soon as it connects to the network, Error 116-324 shows up!

We are both dumbfounded.

At this point, he said he had a portable router with him, so he tried connecting the printer to his router via WiFi! it WORKED! so it's the NETWORK that is causing the printer to crash.

I checked my router settings. My network consists of an ASUS Blue Cave router, two Netgear switches. The switches are very standard with no 'special settings'. So it has to be the router. I checked all settings, nothing would imply a problem. 

At this point, I thought... the printer crashes as soon as it goes online. MAYBE, it's not getting the proper settings from the DHCP server (The Asus runs the DHCP server). So I asked him to try using a Fixed IP using the wired ethernet connection! And TADA! It worked! It finally works on my network!

Now, the next challenge is how to get WiFi to work with a Fixed IP? It's tricky! There is no way to enter a fixed IP since the printer crashes as soon as it joins the WiFi Network. We figured out a workaround. First, connect via wired ethernet, setup fixed IP. Turn off the printer, disconnect Ethernet, connect via WiFI but do NOT use WPS. Must painfully enter the WiFi Password. It will then use the Fixed IP that you use for Wired Ethernet.

This is no joke. What a bug?! With over 100 devices on my network, and most of them running off the ASUS's DHCP server, I cannot imagine the ASUS DHCP server is doing something funny. 

The Error 116-324 can be SO many things, now we can add one more possibility to the list.

I hope this helps someone out there. 

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Re: The dreaded Error 116-324 Controller Error

Hi wslam,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. I appreciate you posting this valuable information for other users. 

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