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fabiolaserra Frequent Member
Frequent Member

Turn on C8055 on Power Restore

Product Name: Xerox AltaLink C8030 / C8035 / C8045 / C8055 / C8070 Color Multifunction Printer
Operating System: Not Applicable


I am a Xerox customer since 2006, I used 5 different models, the latest is C8055. I am very surprised and disappointed because I noticed that, when power is lost, the printer does not automatically turn on.

My Xerox partner told me that is caused by the "soft button" power. Ok, but every device (laptop, desktop, servers) has a bios setting that you can use to choose what to do when power is restored.

Is it possible that there is not such a option?



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Community Manager CathyO-Xerox
Community Manager

Re: Turn on C8055 on Power Restore

Hi fabiolaserra,

I am not sure on the answer to that one. I would recommend contacting a Product Specialist at the Support Department. The Support options for your device are listed HERE.

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gabiene Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Turn on C8055 on Power Restore

Dear Fabiolasera

 With all due respect, the copier / printer is not a PC. It has many more components (boards, motors, sensors ...), which is why I agree with that soft button mentioned by your Xerox partner compared to the older hard button. In older equipment equipped with hard button, sometimes when the power was restored, there were enough problems (the printer did not boot, the sources were burning, the boards were failed ...). And in terms of settings that could leadd to the choice of options when the power is turned on, there is no such thing, for the same reason (at least for the moment) that the printer is not a PC.



fabiolaserra Frequent Member
Frequent Member

Re: Turn on C8055 on Power Restore

I not agree. You said that when power is restored, you could get problems in booting. The same risk respect to a workstation or a servers (that are not a simple pc), but this "power on" feature is present in that cases.

In my opinion, a network printer should not remains off in case of power failure, expecially if it is also a fax. We missed 3 weeks receving faxes cause a power loss during holidays.

Just my 2 cents.


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