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reisingerrc New Member
New Member

Unable to access CWIS. "Invalid request."

Greeeeeetings fellow Xerox Printees! 

I'm on the 'ol Workforce 7428. I cannot get my little buddy to serve up the CWIS properly. I've dug through the documentation... HTTP is turned on, port is good, its set to online... 

I even gave the IP address a host entry! I have admin rights.


Any ideas? 

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 8.59.55 AM.png


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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-xrx
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: Unable to access CWIS. "Invalid request."

Assuming you are not going with a broken link from your bookmarks/favorites that is referencing a page that doesn't exist, or an https link while it is currently on http. And that you have tried another browser or at least deleting your cache/cookiesi. (Xerox devices hate Chrome)


Then I would try disabling HTTPs at the device then try fresh from the browser (but not Chrome)


To do this go to Machine Status > Tools > System Settings > Connectivity and Network Setup > Security and disable Https.


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