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Joe Arseneau
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Re: Using a finisher to fold

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If you have a Booklet making finisher (Professional Finisher) it will have 3 output trays. Top, Stacker and Booklet maker.

It will look the same in the driver



It can't fold any paper, just some, and all have to be fed Short Edge Feed (Landscape in the tray), this is called Fasten mode and is here in the driver




If your driver is for the older style, it will be here:




Then scroll down a bit




If the Fiery is a 260, and the copier is a 242/252/260, there was a D-Finisher with actual C-Fold,Z-Fold half fold. That would be under finishing (Still only works on SEF paper)




Also, you will almost always find that the fold options are greyed out and look to be not selectable, this is not the case with EFI Fiery, it just means a conflict will occur, and it will usually be able to fix it, so choose it anyway


In my case, by choosing C-fold, there is a conflict because I have it set to Letter LEF and to Offset the output, it tells me that, and shuts off Offset as well as switching it from LEF paper to SEF




And at the 242/252/260 model copiers, it is here (I can't get to a 250 model to check)


2016-10-17 13.52.40 (Large).jpg




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Joe Arseneau

Using a finisher to fold

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Hi i have a docucolor 260 with a finisher (fn-03 i believe) running fiery 250 i was wondering how do tell the printer to fold i am very new to this and i am finding hard to find information on how to use this or if possible has anybody got a sample pdf made up which they would be as kind to post?

many thanks 



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