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Amarschilok New Member
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Very limited management on Phaser 6280DN

Hello all!! I just got a Phaser 6280DN second-hand, and I'm having a few issues with administration of the printer. I'm trying to disable the banner page, but in trying to do that, I've found that I have VERY limited admin access to the HTTP GUI. "Limited" as in I can pretty much only set basic IP connectivity and turn protocols on and off.


I've tried turning the banner page off in the front panel controls, and the banner page setting is set to off, but the page is still printing. I've tried turning the banner page on and then back off a couple times. I've tried resetting the network settings and NVM, no change. (The banner page is supposed to be turned off by default, but it's still printing after the resets.) I've tried updating the firmware, no change. I've tried installing some sort of mass config utility to see if that would give me other management options, and that failed installation 4 times, even after I enabled everything it asked for and more in terms of IIS features in Windows.


How the heck do I administrate this printer? Thanks for help in advance!!

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-xrx
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Re: Very limited management on Phaser 6280DN

Just disable it in the driver via Printing Preferences and it won't print

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