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Remote Technical Support User
Remote Technical Support User

Re: WC 7830 disable configuration report upon start up



You may disable the configuration report by either of two methods.  If you connect to the machine via the built in web page do the following:


1. In CentreWare Internet Services, click Properties > Services.
2. Click Printing > General.
3. Under Configuration Report, clear Print at Power on.
4. Click Apply to save the new settings or Undo to retain the previous settings.


This may also be done from the machine panel by logging into administrator tools and selecting:


1.  Device settings

2.  Scroll down to Configuration / Information pages

3. Select No for "Print Configuration Report at power on".

4.  Save and exit.





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WC 7830 disable configuration report upon start up

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I have a WC 7830 that will print a config report upon start up is there anyway to disable this feature?


Thank you.

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