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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: WC 7845 getting message "there is no other registered service to display on this device.&qu

I have a very good memory for bugs in Xerox equipment, but I am not sure I have seen this one, but to be fair, your firmware is 4 years old, and your faults are in french, and translated word for word to English, so they may not be worded properly (From my point of view)


Update the device to a 2018 release, use the tool method because it will be a major change (Connectkey 1.5 to 2.0)


No settings should be lost, the tool requires that the PC running it has Java, it will take about 1.5 hours.


Hopefully the update will fix it, otherwise you may need to escalate to 2nd level support, or switch the machine over to English so you can report the error how it should be (from my point of view).


No matter the issue, if you do call Xerox for support, they will require current firmware before they troubleshoot (No sense troubleshooting something that is already fixed in newer firmware

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Joe Arseneau
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WC 7845 getting message "there is no other registered service to display on this device."

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We have registered custom authentication applicaiton and installed our pull print application in the device (EIP applicaiton) in MFP device WC 7845.

We face a strange issue.  User using proximity card for authenticating the device.  the authentication happen successfully.  Now Service home screen should get displayed to user.

But before the service home screen displayed on the device UI, a message "there is no other registered service to display on this device.
if problem persue accessed on the service registration page in tools or on the web inferface" got displayed to user and then the service home screen get displayed.


kindly let me know what would be the issue.


We checked with the IIS logs for the authentication application and found no errror reported.

We checked the server event logs and found nothing strange issue get logged.

We checked with the IIS logs and found no issues.


transalation for the french sentence in the image


in French

authentification avec le badge

le message ci-dessous apparait de manière furtive
l'écran d'accueil apparait ensuite

in English

badge authentication

the message below appears and disappear very speedly
then the home screen appears

issue captured 7845.PNG


The system software version is


Many thanks in advance.




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