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What driver to install

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Is there any reasons to consider traditional drivers instead of Global Print Drivers. We are using Cirrato for managing our printers and distribute correct drivers for each user and device, and the question about using Global or traditional drivers poped uip. I know there's a lot of benefits from an adminstration point of view of using Global Drivers, but is there eny benefit in using traditional drivers?

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Re: What driver to install

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Use the Global unless you can't.


The Global driver is very actively developed, it has fixes for things that may never actually apply to your printer, but the might. The Native drivers are not actively developed unless you have a very new device, but even then, everything goes to the GPD before it makes it to the Native driver.


There are some benefits to native drivers, as they are spec ific to the device, they are a little bit more streamlined, but in these days with the price of HDD space and RAM, it isn't even noticeable to most.


Your other post mentions a 7375, which as far as I know doesn't actually exist, I figure it could be a 7835, or a 7328/7335/7345/7346.

If it is a 78xx model, it won't make muchg difference which you use due to the newness of the machine, but I can say if you print from Windows Picture and fax viewer you will want the GPD for sure (The specific application and the native drivers hate each other is the easiest way to put it)


If it is a 73xx model, the GPD is 7 years newer so the obvious choice is the GPD there.



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