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joemc New Member
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Where to download different versions of firmware for ColorQube 9303

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Product Name: ColorQube 9301/9302/9303
Operating System: Not Applicable

I've recently had to replace the hdd on my colorqube 9303. I've been on support portal and there is only one old version of the firmware. I need to find a newer version but there doesn't seem to be any links anywhere with any other version.

The version on the portal:

The version I had installed previously:

Can anyone direct me where i can download other versions from?

Many thanks,


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gabiene Occasional Advisor
Occasional Advisor

Re: Where to download different versions of firmware for ColorQube 9303

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-xrx
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: Where to download different versions of firmware for ColorQube 9303

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Gabiene posted the latest link, which is the other link for a currently available firmware.

There are near always 2 versions available for any Xerox device, one is a General Release and one is a SPAR.

General releases are new builds thoroughly tested.

Spar releases are the General release with patches applied, they are not Beta, they are the same tested version with fixes and features added, the key difference is that while the GR got tested for everything, the spar gets tested for things that have been changed (So say they fix a login issue with Office365, they test that Office 365 works again, and maybe that it did not stop Gmail from working at the same time, they do not necessarily check that copying a booklet still works because the code was never touched that controls that)

Spar links tend to not change, so the link today is the same as next year, they just change the file it links to.

And you can get the latest for just about every machine except those in production class from

Click here in the Quick release lookup table which is a direct link to an excel spreadsheet that has the latest general and the latest spar for most every device, you can see it as of today here, but it doesn't move


Then, open in Excel (Or Google docs, or Open office etc etc) and CTRL+F to find the printer, and grab the spar link, as seen here:



I agree, not convenient, certainly not well advertised.


And here is my handy cheat sheet for "Umm, which one is actually newer?" (I did not make it, just compiled multiple iages from different sources into one graphic)

Firmware decoding.png

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