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Re: Which Meter is Which?

Hello PhilMa, 

I found two article that will help you with the meters.  If you still have question about the meters, I suggest calling into the support department at 1-800-281-2797 for more assistance. 

How to Read the meter

Billing Meter video

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Which Meter is Which?

Product Name: AltaLink C8030 / C8035 / C8045 / C8055 / C8070 Color Multifunction Printer
Operating System: Windows 10

Good morning, (or whatever time it is where you are!),

I am bidden to supply Xerox with meter reads yet again and for the life of me, (some 10+ years doing this!), I cannot remember what "Meter 1" or "Meter 2" are in relation to what I see on my Centreware homepage of the Altalink C8070.

Indeed, they are no listings for "Meter 1" or "Meter 2" there, but an actual descriptor for each meter. e.g. "Black Impressions", "Color Impressions", "Total Impressions", "Black Large Impressions", and "Color Large Impressions". Which of these correlates to "Meter 1" and "Meter 2" and why is it not possible to simply have the meter read site match what I see on Centreware?

And while we're at it, why is Centreware spelled with and 're' and not an 'er' but 'Color' is not spelled with a 'u' as in 'Colour' in Xerox documentation and software?

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