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Re: WorkCentre 6400 - Cannot Set Default Print Output to B&W on Mac

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Hi craigtorell,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. On the Mac you can set up a preset to use every time you want to print in black and white.  It will cut down on the clicks to change the setting.  There is no way that I have found to change the default on the Mac driver.  Here are the steps for setting up a preset:

Saving a Set of Commonly Used Printing Options for Macintosh

You can save and name a set of options, so that you can quickly apply them to future print jobs.

To save a set of printing options:

1. Select the desired printing options from the drop-down lists on the Print menu screen.

2. Select Save As from the Presets menu to save and name the set of printing options.

3. The set of options is saved and will appear in the Presets list. The next time you want to print using these options, just select the name from the list.


I hope this helps if not please consider contacting your support centre for further assistance.

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WorkCentre 6400 - Cannot Set Default Print Output to B&W on Mac

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Product Name: WorkCentre 6400

Using Web interface to set default print output to B&W but color documents still print in color when printing from Mac with lastest driver installed (OS/X 10.8, 12/3/2012). PC driver allows user to set default output to B&W but Mac driver does not have this capability, unless I'm missing something. The only recourse our Mac uses have when trying to print a color docment in B&W is to go through 6 mouse clicks to set Color Correction to B&W every time they print.


Is there a way to default to B&W when printing from a Mac?

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